Rick and Morty: Is Jerry on the way out?

By Aristophanes and Hermes

Today’s discussion of Rick and Morty contains spoilers through Season 3, Episode 5: “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy.” If you haven’t watched the latest episode, read at your own risk.

Aristophanes (Ari): Today we’re discussing Rick and Morty season 3, episode 5: “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy.” What’d you think of the episode?

Hermes (Herm): It wasn’t amazing, but I generally liked it. I was happy Jerry finally got an episode.

Ari: Oh my gosh. That scene where the little alien kid kills his sister.

Herm: That was funny.

Ari: It was hilarious. But really messed up.

Herm: Indeed. The shock is part of the humor.

Ari: I enjoyed Morty and Beth’s side story with Summer, too.

Herm: Morty was the star of the b-plot.

Ari: Yes. Like when he sat down by the campfire with Summer’s ex.

Herm: RIP Anatomy Park 2.0.

Ari: The episode with John Oliver?

Herm: Yeah. Don’t you remember? Ethan (Summer’s ex) becomes the new anatomy park guy at the end.

Ari: Oh, I honestly forgot about that.

Herm: I enjoy Morty’s newfound cynicism, but I fear he will probably go too far.

Ari: That seems fair.

Herm: I’ve been watching Ricking Morty, which goes behind the scenes of each episode, and it’s pretty much been said Morty will get pushed over the edge at some point.

Ari: Could there be a return of Evil Morty?

Herm: I wouldn’t say the return of. I’d say the beginning of.

Ari: I’m assuming Beth and Jerry will get back together at some point, though. That could ease tensions.

Herm: It’s not the same without Jerry. But I also think it would basically undercut the greater plot they’ve introduced with the divorce if it were resolved so quickly.

Ari: I’ve just been assuming the Beth/Jerry divorce plot will be wrapped up by the time the season finale ends. But I could be wrong.

Herm: I’m not sure I agree. They’ve had this continuous tension throughout the first two seasons — will they get a divorce or won’t they? And then it happens. I think it’s hard to go back on that.

Ari: Sure, but it’s strange Jerry is still a pseudo-main character but not involved with most of the family. He went on an adventure with Rick, but it’s weird he doesn’t interact with the others right now. It’s an odd balance which needs resolution, I think.

Herm: Maybe they’ll write him out at the end of the season. They’ll come up with a good way to solve the uncertainty, I’m sure.

Ari: I think they should keep him around. Jerry is funny, and he has a good dynamic with Rick. And with Beth. But it’s possible.

Herm: I agree. But the show has proven it’s willing to try many new things in order to avoiding getting stale, which The Simpsons has been for 15 years, basically.

Ari: That’s totally true. I think the fact Beth and Jerry got divorced in the first place is a good example of the writers’ willingness to shake things up.

I don’t know who fills the void if Jerry leaves, though. Mr. Poopybutthole?

Herm: No one. Paul Fleischmann.

Ari: I’m still waiting for Mr. Poopybutthole’s return. Do you think we’ll see him this season?

Herm: Yes. I think Mr. Meeseeks makes an appearance at some point, too.

Ari: His debut in season 1 is still my favorite episode. I’d bet on a Meeseeks return. With his primary purpose being to help others fulfill their desires, what better villain to end a season defined by divorce?

Rick and Morty airs Sundays at 11:30/10:30 CDT on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

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