Alabama draws a line in the sand

By Aristophanes

Roy Moore deserved his loss, plain and simple.

In Tuesday’s stunning special election, Democrat Doug Jones bested Moore, a Republican and credibly alleged pedophile, to become the next senator from Alabama. Jones, who won by a mere 1.5 percentage points, will assume the seat for the remainder of the current term, which ends following the November 2020 elections.

For the Republican Party, the loss was humiliating. Alabama is a deep-red state. In 2012, Mitt Romney won it by 22 points. In 2016, President Donald Trump widened the gap to 28 points.

Despite not sending a Democratic senator to Congress in over two decades, Alabama voters chose to elevate liberal Jones above archconservative Moore, drawing a line in the sand on the latter’s deeply immoral conduct.

Moore was a controversial figure for a number of reasons. He has said Muslims should be barred from serving in Congress. He, at one point, believed gay sex should be illegal — and probably hasn’t changed his mind. And he’s been removed from serving as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court not once but twice for refusing to obey court orders to enforce laws he disagrees with.

But the coup de grace came November 9, when the Washington Post published tawdry details of Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct with underage women from decades past.

With Alabama suddenly going blue, it’s important to remember why we’re here. Several brave women decided to take a stand against their state’s modern folk hero despite sparking the ire of Moore’s allies in-state and out. Journalists, demeaned and ridiculed by Moore supporters for simply doing their job, refused to surrender in the face of adversity. And the people of Alabama listened to these stories, bravely unearthed by Post reporters and retold by Moore’s alleged victims, when deciding their votes.

Moral justice can prevail even in the most partisan of political climates. This round, truth won.

So good riddance, Roy Moore. And thank you, Alabama, for putting country over party. ■

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