Life is like a video game

By Aristophanes

Sometimes I think of life as like a video game.

As we go about our day, we complete tasks and work toward overarching objectives.

On a wider scale, each year we learn new skills, tricks and trades, enhancing our abilities in different core categories.

Every once in a while, we reach a new level of the game. When we earn a degree, receive a promotion or move to a new city, we close the book on a past chapter of our life, looking ahead to a new adventure.

But there’s one key difference between real life and a video game. In the digital world, we may die countless times, able to respawn and begin anew. In reality, we only have one shot to make our time count. There are no 1-Ups.

However, we do get second chances. We might fail a course, drop out of school, get fired from work or end a romantic relationship, but the game never truly ends until we finally meet our maker.

We face plenty of setbacks, but, most of the time, there’s a silver lining in the disappointment. Through each failure we learn something new. Misfortune is a teacher, and our minds are an inventory to store tokens of knowledge for future use.

In a way, we are reborn each and every time we fall down. We reappear the next day, a restored avatar with a fresh perspective.

As in video games, the point of life is to try, making the best of the tools you’re given. There’s a sadness in that fate, for sure — but there’s also beauty and opportunity. ■

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