BoJack Horseman: 6 things to watch for in Season 5

By Hermes

The following post contains spoilers for Netflix original series BoJack Horseman through Season 4. If you aren’t caught up with the show, read at your own risk. No professional reviews were taken into consideration in writing this article.

On Friday, Netflix released another 12 episodes of BoJack Horseman, and I couldn’t be more excited. But before I dive into another season of this darkly funny show, I decided to write a quick preview of my official predictions of where Season 5 is headed.

The underlying message of the Season 5 trailer, released earlier this month, is simple: “You say you want to get better and don’t know how.”

And when I say trailer, no, I don’t mean this trailer:

I mean this trailer:

Where might Season 5 take us? Let’s find out!

1. BoJack might change for the better…

After succumbing to his own demons for decades, BoJack is going to try fighting back, and not with some cheesy audiobook read by George Takei.

In the trailer, we see BoJack pre-proportioning a vodka bottle, in what can only be a measured attempt to kick his alcoholism. It can’t be going very well if he’s downing his daily amount as soon as the clock hits midnight, though.

In the very next shot, we see BoJack with pizza boxes strung about, likely hung over. He says he “might be too smart” for therapy, and he’s “not someone” it “works on” — which, based on what we saw in Season 3, isn’t true.

2. …but he also might face troubles with the law

BoJack might get into legal trouble, but his dressing as Philbert in the trailer muddies the waters a bit. It’s just hard to tell what is real and what is merely acting when you’re watching a trailer for a show about a famous actor.

There’s one shot, though, that shows Hollyhock running alongside BoJack. We know she’s not an actor. That makes me think that scene, at least, takes place in real life.

3. Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter’s relationship is doomed

Could this be the year Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter finally split? I think so. I previously speculated it might occur last season, but that prediction never came to fruition. But it’ll happen this time.

It’s worth remembering what Mr. Peanutbutter said to Diane in Season 3: “We are five big fights away from a divorce.” BoJack Horseman is a show that pays specific attention to detail, and, by my count, the couple has had at least three big fights since that line. So we must be close.

Another possible hint: It appears Diane will get a pixie cut before Episode 2. A change in hairstyle could represent a simultaneous change in lifestyle — maybe a divorce?

It seems inevitable that Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter will divorce. The show clearly portrays them as a terrible match for each other. I’ll be shocked if their marriage makes it through another season.

4. Philbert  will be an action thriller

Maybe this one was already clear, but, still, it amuses me that Princess Carolyn had plans to name her child with Ralph after Philbert. It reminds me of Secretariat’s — well, John Krasinski’s — elevation from sitcom straight-man to serious actor. Now, Krasinski’s even an action hero, starring in the new Jack Ryan series streaming on Amazon.

Also, it looks like Philbert will be filmed at BoJack’s house. That seems unusual, but maybe it’s just me. It’ll be interesting to see what causes Philbert’s fight with Flip McVicker.

5. We’ll see more of BoJack’s and Princess Carolyn’s family lives

BoJack’s mother will probably die. For Episode 6, IMDb shows BoJack speaking at a funeral. Much of Season 4 focused on BoJack’s mother’s backstory and how her sudden-onset dementia was slowly draining the life out of her. It’s likely Season 5 will feature the culmination of a troubled relationship between mother and son, where the former’s unhealthy parenting of the latter will trigger some sort of confrontation.

BoJack may give a euology at his mother’s funeral, but it will be tough for him to say anything kind. In that respect, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll see similarities to Herb’s and Sarah Lynn’s funerals from past seasons.

Hollyhock is set to become a main character this season, judging by how prominently she appeared in the trailer. With BoJack’s relationship to her being the only good thing in his life, I imagine he will have a hard time letting go.

We’ll also get a closer look at Princess Carolyn’s family life. Amy Sedaris, Princess Carolyn’s voice actor, has confirmed her brother Davis will voice the character’s mother. Additionally, IMDb currently shows a screenshot of Princess Carolyn walking in on what seems to be a male relative asleep on a couch.

6. Todd’s asexuality will present challenges for his character

Todd first mentioned his asexuality in the Season 3 finale and later came out in Season 4, but until now it hasn’t been a prominent part of his character. That will change in Season 5.

A screenshot from Episode 3 shows a female relative of Yolanda, Todd’s asexual girlfriend, attempting to seduce Todd, but he doesn’t appear to be enjoying it. That makes me wonder if Yolanda’s family is aware of her asexuality. If not, that might cause tension between either her and Todd, or between her and her family if they ever find out.

Todd will also build some more hilariously useless things, such as the drone from Season 4. He’ll probably get Emily to help.

I believe Season 4 is the show’s strongest season so far, but can it be beat? I’m not sure. BoJack Horseman may have reached its peak, and the writers might already be planning how to wrap up the plot. Season 4 was the first time I felt the show could end right as we left it.

Now that Season 5 has finally hit Netflix, the wait is over. What does the latest season have in store? In the words of a once-famous television series: let’s find out! ■

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