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August 2019

08.29.19 Philosophy as mathematics with non-mathematical language (Aristophanes)

July 2019

07.23.19 Every Spider-Man movie, ranked (Aristophanes)

June 2019

06.28.19 Politics Chat: Democrats hold first presidential debate (Aristophanes, Hermes and Dolos)

06.23.19 Every Toy Story movie, ranked (Aristophanes)

06.01.19 It’s time to launch an impeachment inquiry (Aristophanes)

May 2019

05.12.19 Without free will, can we still justify criminal imprisonment? (Aristophanes)

April 2019

04.22.19 Missouri clarifies the line of succession (Aristophanes)

March 2019

03.24.19 3 takeaways from the Mueller report (Aristophanes)

February 2019

02.02.19 Politics Chat: Howard Schultz, Ralph Northam and the future of the Democratic Party (Aristophanes and Hermes)

January 2019

01.27.19 Don’t abolish the Senate. Reapportion it. (Aristophanes)

December 2018

12.31.18 Top 10 news stories of 2018 (Aristophanes and Hermes)

12.27.18 Trump administration doesn’t understand school safety (Hermes)

12.24.18 Bill Haslam will be Tennessee’s next senator (Hermes)

12.16.18 Life is inherently meaningless. Don’t let that stop you. (Aristophanes)

12.08.18 Democrats can win the Senate in 2020 by targeting these 7 seats (Aristophanes)

12.02.18 Would a larger House of Representatives actually help? (Aristophanes)

November 2018

11.12.18 Should I vote in Republican or Democratic primaries? (Aristophanes)

11.10.18 Politics Chat: Who won the midterms? (Aristophanes, Hermes and Dolos)

October 2018

10.20.18 How capitalism undercuts American journalism (Aristophanes)

10.05.18 Phil Bredesen is wrong to support Kavanaugh (Hermes)

10.02.18 Politics Chat: Will the Senate confirm Brett Kavanaugh? (Aristophanes, Hermes and Dolos)

September 2018

09.28.18 Politicians shouldn’t choose our judges (Aristophanes)

09.16.18 Philosophy civilizes disagreement (Aristophanes)

09.14.18 BoJack Horseman: 6 things to watch for in Season 5 (Hermes)

09.08.18 Nike isn’t woke — it’s smart (Aristophanes)

09.06.18 Bureaucrats may contain Trump, but only voters can defeat him (Aristophanes)

09.03.18 Even in 2018, Hollywood protagonists skew white, male (Aristophanes)

August 2018

08.30.18 President Trump’s beef with Google is his most asinine yet (Hermes and Aristophanes)

08.27.18 Fiction: ‘When Walking Wasn’t Exercise’ (Aristophanes)

08.24.18 Sorting the heroes and villains of A Song of Ice and Fire (Aristophanes)

08.19.18 Green Party voters: cast your protest vote another time (Hermes)

08.19.18 Presidents shouldn’t have the power to silence media (Hermes)

08.03.18 6 takeaways from the 2018 Tennessee primaries (Hermes)

July 2018

07.29.18 We cannot afford another constitutional convention (Aristophanes)

07.22.18 Missouri Democrats stage a constitutional coup (Aristophanes)

07.05.18 The American Revolution was a good idea (Aristophanes)

07.05.18 Who should challenge Trump? (Aristophanes)

June 2018

06.25.18 Life is like a video game (Aristophanes)

06.21.18 The Bible’s message to isolationists (Aristophanes)

06.17.18 Incredibles sequel lauds self-determination (Aristophanes)

06.14.18 Trump’s N. Korea talks are set to fail (Hermes)

06.12.18 Philosophy cannot be useless (Aristophanes)

06.12.18 Hold your N. Korea summit analysis (Aristophanes)

06.08.18 Existence coincides with essence (Aristophanes)

06.07.18 Missouri returns to politics as usual (Aristophanes)

06.02.18 Solo is a solid side-story (Aristophanes)

May 2018

05.29.18 Goodbye, Greitens (Aristophanes)

05.26.18 For anthem protest critics, it’s not about ‘respect’ (Hermes)

05.23.18 Does Deadpool 2 contradict its own message? (Aristophanes)

05.19.18 In memoriam: Nashville’s mass transit plan (Hermes)

April 2018

04.22.18 Can Missouri elect a centrist senator? (Aristophanes)

March 2018

03.25.18 Rogue One is actually pretty good (Aristophanes)

03.08.18 Nashville’s mayor resigns in disgrace (Hermes)

February 2018

02.16.18 Marsha Blackburn is spouting false narratives — again (Hermes)

02.03.18 Nashville’s mayor should consider resigning (Hermes)

January 2018

01.26.18 Don’t fear Trump. Fear what’s next. (Aristophanes)

01.15.18 Should journalists call Trump a racist? (Aristophanes)

01.12.18 You won’t get away with this, Greitens (Aristophanes)

01.12.18 4 takeaways from Trump’s Nashville trip (Hermes)

01.11.18 Scandal consumes Missouri governor (Aristophanes)

01.07.18 Legalize euthanasia (Aristophanes)

01.07.18 Our 100th story: What we’ve learned (Aristophanes)

01.06.18 Trump won’t kill the GOP (Aristophanes)

01.06.18 Missouri’s GOP civil war, explained (Aristophanes)

01.01.18 Top 10 news stories of 2017 (Aristophanes and Hermes)

December 2017

12.28.17 Every Star Wars film, ranked (Aristophanes)

12.15.17 Rex, you did the right thing (Aristophanes)

12.14.17 Alabama election puts Congress up for grabs (Aristophanes, Hermes and Dolos)

12.13.17 Alabama draws a line in the sand (Aristophanes)

12.11.17 Fiction: ‘The Importance of Being God’ (Aristophanes)

12.10.17 Parks and Recreation’s greatest scene (Aristophanes)

12.07.17 Bredesen’s Senate candidacy gives Democrats a chance (Hermes)

12.02.17 So long, fiscal conservatism (Aristophanes)

November 2017

11.29.17 Worried football fans suddenly care about sexual abuse (Hermes)

11.26.17 Rights of the accused are for courts, not politics (Aristophanes)

11.25.17 1950s Hercules falls far from the tree (Hermes)

11.23.17 Roy Moore should stay in the race (Hermes)

11.22.17 Roy Moore will lose (Aristophanes)

11.14.17 Too bad Trump isn’t a Democrat, I guess (Aristophanes)

11.09.17 Men won’t save Alabama. Women can. (Aristophanes)

11.08.17 Democrats are favored to retake the House (Aristophanes)

11.02.17 Local news is under attack (Hermes)

11.01.17 Ben-Hur: Different worlds intertwined (Hermes)

October 2017

10.30.17 Rallies show Trump emboldens racists (Hermes)

10.30.17 Mueller is draining the swamp (Aristophanes)

10.27.17 Catalonia is Spain’s problem — for now (Aristophanes)

10.27.17 Should we forgive Trump voters? (Aristophanes)

10.26.17 Bob Corker might run for president (Hermes)

10.24.17 Can Democrats win in deep-red states? (Aristophanes, Hermes and Dolos)

10.23.17 Phil Bredesen, please run (Hermes)

10.19.17 Trump doesn’t care about our troops (Hermes)

10.19.17 What is Jeff Sessions hiding? (Aristophanes)

10.17.17 Free will reigns in Middle-earth (Aristophanes)

10.16.17 Boy Scouts refute gender binarism (Aristophanes)

10.13.17 Reliabilism’s causal component fails (Aristophanes)

10.12.17 A second Korean War is a real possibility (Aristophanes)

10.11.17 McCaskill just lost re-election (Aristophanes)

10.10.17 Blackburn bad for Tennessee, US (Hermes)

10.10.17 Don’t reward ‘Rick and Morty’ fans for Szechuan antics (Hermes)

10.09.17 Rex Tillerson shouldn’t quit (Aristophanes)

10.09.17 Blade Runner 2049’s style bucks blockbuster trend (Aristophanes)

10.09.17 Free will is a comforting fantasy (Aristophanes)

10.08.17 Was Pence’s NFL walkout a planned political stunt? (Hermes)

10.08.17 Corker blasts Trump, speaking truth to power (Aristophanes and Hermes)

10.07.17 Rick and Morty: Ranking Season 3 (Hermes and Aristophanes)

10.06.17 BoJack Horseman explores mental illness in a way never seen on TV (Hermes)

10.04.17 Blade Runner: Expression through restraint (Aristophanes)

10.03.17 Gun control isn’t debatable (Hermes and Aristophanes)

10.02.17 Rick and Morty: POTUS vs. Rick (Aristophanes and Hermes)

10.01.17 Nozick’s libertarianism isn’t just (Aristophanes)

September 2017

09.30.17 Angela Merkel is a global feminist icon who isn’t feminist (Aristophanes)

09.28.17 6 picks to replace Sen. Bob Corker (Hermes)

09.28.17 Trump should stick to politics (Hermes)

09.27.17 Rick and Morty: Beth scares us all (Aristophanes and Hermes)

09.27.17 In Alabama, Trump loses, but Trumpism wins (Aristophanes)

09.26.17 By opposing Merkel, Social Democrats saved Germany (Aristophanes)

09.26.17 Trump must alter his rhetoric on N. Korea (Aristophanes)

09.24.17 Kushner’s private email shows Trump family hypocrisy (Aristophanes)

09.24.17 Life of Pi: A film to make you believe in God (Aristophanes)

09.23.17 The Graduate: How music sets a tone (Aristophanes)

09.22.17 Bernie Sanders might have killed Obamacare (Aristophanes)

09.22.17 Rebel Without a Cause: Melodrama as a stylistic mode (Aristophanes)

09.21.17 Rise and fall of the Italian Carbonari (Aristophanes)

09.20.17 Fiction: ‘This Land, Like Death’ (Aristophanes)

09.19.17 Rick and Morty: Summer gets serious (Aristophanes and Hermes)

09.19.17 Is it time to forgive Sean Spicer? (Aristophanes)

09.18.17 Leader of the free world? Forget it. (Aristophanes)

09.18.17 Originalism is shaping the Supreme Court (Aristophanes)

09.17.17 Alexander, Weinberg and the problem of intuition (Aristophanes)

09.14.17 Trump is making more deals with Democrats (Aristophanes)

09.14.17 Is there a moral obligation to give to charity? (Aristophanes)

09.13.17 Single-payer is coming (Aristophanes)

09.13.17 Rick and Morty: Kallipolis in the Citadel (Aristophanes and Hermes)

09.12.17 How Hollywood can succeed in Japan (Aristophanes)

09.11.17 Moral imperialism isn’t novel (Aristophanes)

09.09.17 Without Texas, Republicans are doomed (Aristophanes)

09.08.17 Trump isn’t pivoting (Aristophanes)

09.07.17 Citizen Kane’s prying lens (Aristophanes)

09.06.17 Criminal quarantine fails as an ethical theory (Aristophanes)

09.05.17 Trump ditched DACA. Congress should make it law. (Aristophanes)

09.04.17 Macron’s presidency will fail (Aristophanes)

09.03.17 Woodrow Wilson espoused utilitarian justice (Aristophanes)

09.02.17 Trump’s $1M Houston pledge is meaningless (Hermes)

09.01.17 Society fears existential truth (Aristophanes)

August 2017

08.31.17 ‘Nashville Statement’ shows evangelical hypocrisy, tone-deafness (Hermes)

08.30.17 Rick and Morty: Addicted to our own limitations (Aristophanes, Hermes)

08.29.17 America faces a crisis of confidence (Aristophanes)

08.28.17 Trump’s politics are far from irrational (Aristophanes)

08.27.17 BoJack Horseman: 9 stories to follow (Hermes)

08.27.17 Trump’s Arpaio pardon disgraces justice (Aristophanes)

08.25.17 Nazi Germany knew how to edit (Aristophanes)

08.24.17 Yellow journalism left a nasty stain — and a few good ideas (Aristophanes)

08.23.17 Plato foresaw democracy’s fall (Aristophanes)

08.22.17 Rick and Morty: Is Jerry on the way out? (Aristophanes, Hermes)

08.22.17 US should accept N. Korea’s nuclear ambitions (Aristophanes)

08.20.17 Stephen Bannon ousted by Trump, returns to Breitbart (Aristophanes)

08.20.17 Abortion, terror and trolley cars (Aristophanes)

08.19.17 Fiction: ‘Telaim’ (Aristophanes)

08.19.17 Dr. Strangelove: Setting a scene with light and shadow (Aristophanes)

08.19.17 Brexit, Asimov and the ‘Evitable Conflict’ (Aristophanes)

08.19.17 What is free will — and do we have it? (Aristophanes)